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Material Matters

Our clothing is designed to make you feel great, as well as look great. From the fabrics we select, to the cuts of our cloth, we put thought and care into each piece in our collection. Because, well, we think you deserve it.


Peruvian Cotton Jerseys

Sourced & produced in Peru–where the absolute best cotton in the world comes from–our jerseys are super soft, have incredible bounce-back, and specifically designed to be pilling-resistant.

Your "high-traffic" areas don't stand a chance.


Meet your new obsession.

Made with invisible built-in stretch, our jeans will hit every box on your denim checklist. Whether you're into the distressed “boyfriend” look, or our signature resin skinny jean, we give you the style you want with the comfort you need.


French Satin-Back Crepe

Undoubtedly one of our most premium fabrics, the satin-back crepe is silky and sumptuous.

Made in France, we picked this fabric specifically for it's hidden stretch. With rich, buttery satin on one side and matte crepe on the other, it's impossible not to look chic, elegant and stylish.

cashmere / wool

Our knits are so plush and luxurious, you'll be hoping for cold weather year-round. The knits are soft to the touch and come in a variety of classic styles that look fashionable season, after season, after season.


Vegan Leather

A perfect combo of comfort and cool.

Made with the latest technology, our leather looks 100% real while being 100% vegan. Then we pair it with bamoo cotton that's ridiculously soft, cool to the touch, durable, antimicrobial, abd sustainable.

Need we go on?

French terry

Our french terry pieces are done right. They're specifically developed by US to be color-fast and have incredible bounce-back (that means it won't stretch out after a few wears). The terries also have a built-in ribbed panel designed to eliminate excess fabric while giving you the stretch you need. They conform vs. constrain. We think of everything.


Peruvian Alpaca

Our alpaca wool comes from Peru - that's the best place FYI. It's incredibly soft, eco-friendly, and ethically sourced. No alpacas were harmed in the making of your favorite coat.


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