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The Only Rule Is There Are No Rules

Posted by Lucy Mellon on

For too long women have been told that they have to dress according to a set of arbitrary rules. You know the rules we’re talking about: “Don’t wear horizontal stripes, unless you want to look bigger.” “Wear empire waist everything, it’ll help draw attention away from your ‘problem’ areas.” And the golden rule that seems to follow women who don’t have arms like Michelle Obama, “wear sleeves all the time.”

As an added challenge, clothing that’s deemed “appropriate” seems to only be available in wallpaper prints, lace, or adorned with trite French script. We think it’s time for new rules, and the only rule is there are no rules.

Fashion shouldn’t be limited by what someone thinks work for you or your body. It should be reflective of your personal style, not dictated by rules that limit your freedom of expression.

Embrace horizontal stripes, bare your arms, don’t shy away from see-through, and forget form-fitting. There’s room for all types of shapes and styles. 

No rules. No compromises. Set the Standard.





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