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A Look @ US : Cofounder & CCO Alex Waldman

Posted by Lucy Mellon on


Today we're talking Netflix queues, last meals, and words of wisdom with CCO & Cofounder Alex Waldman. 


Book on my nightstand: My Struggle by Karl Ove Knausgård. It evokes the comfortable lull of an ordinary life and makes you recognize the commonality of the human experience across the emotional spectrum.  


Playing on my Spotify: I've recently rediscovered two old favorites in Massive Attack and Tom Waits. Both are currently on repeat at Universal Standard HQ… 


On my Netflix queue: Just started The Crown, which chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s total fiction of course but it give the elusion that you’re a fly on the wall in the lives of the people behind the crown.


Favorite travel spot: That's easy - anywhere in Italy, but especially Rome. It's the capital of history, art, politics, and power - it’s a pleasure to get lost in it…literally and figuratively. The people are wonderful, and the food isn't too shabby. 


In my beauty regimen: I swear by Cetaphil face wash and the  P50 Lotion from Biologique Recherche. The French really know what they’re doing when it comes to skin care. 


Words to live by: "The only way out is through.”  


How I procrastinate: Two words - Pinterest scrolling. It used to be a problem, but now it's research :)


Celebrity crush: Lauren Hutton. She's unapologetically herself - stunning and fearless. 


Favorite smell: Three-way tie between cut grass, patchouli, and the lobby of the Langham Hotel in London. 


Favorite sound: The moments before a performance begins, when the audience is settling in and the orchestra is tuning its instruments. Also, the cacophony of voices, clinking glasses, laughter, and the clatter of forks and knives in a fine restaurant (without music) - heaven. 


Last meal on earth: Toasted sourdough bread with salted butter, dipped into a soft egg. It’s everything. 


Documentary: So many to choose from... Most recently I saw The First Monday in May. It follows the Met's Costume Institute as they prep for the "China: Through The Looking Glass" exhibition. Just breathtaking. 


Favorite art spot: For me, it's definitely the Vatican - I could roam it for days on end. 


Guilty pleasure: Re-watching British sitcoms over and over. Gavin & Stacey, The Thick of It, Peep Show, Spaced…I could go on.  


Last app I opened on my phone: Compass. It's a New York real estate app. I just like to look at the listings. Look, but not touch... 


Favorite Instagram account: @bat_gio. It belongs to Giovanna Engelbert. I'm vicariously living her fabulous life.


Favorite Universal Standard piece: Mosman Leatherette Skirt. I wear mine with my favorite pair of Adidas and the Fitz Roy Sweater. I love the layered look with the mixture of textures. It’s all bout the effortless cool for us at Universal Standard. 

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